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Women’s Adventure Film Tour 2022


Women’s Adventure Film Tour 2022

Directed by Various
Not Rated / Documentary / 2 hours

The Women’s Adventure Film Tour is a celebration of the inspiring women around us who are doing extraordinary things in the name of adventure.
This year’s Women’s Adventure Film Tour line-up includes 7 diverse short films in a ~2 hour program, featuring women of all ages and abilities; there’s Australian Olympic champion Torah Bright, ultra trail-running champion Lucy Bartholomew and more, such as women in climbing, distance swimming and mountain biking.

Synopsis: For Lucy Bartholomew the world of ultra running began when she was just 15 years of age as a way to spend more time with her father. Lucy would then go on to become “The World Ultra – Junior Running Champion” winning races and podiums across the globe. After a turbulent 2020 Lucy dreamt to do her longest ultra run yet. The gruelling 231km Larapinta Trail in Central Australia.
Runtime: 10 minutes
Progtagonist: Lucy Bartholomew
Director: Bryan Hynes
Country: Australia

Nell rediscovered climbing after five years and two babies. She soon realized climbing was an antidote for the challenges of motherhood and went on a mission to find other climbing mums. What she found was a group of amazing women. Each with their own story, struggles, fears… all had been empowered by climbing.
Runtime: 22 minutes
Country: Australia
Filmed, directed and produced: Mojo Stoke Productions – Nell Gow and Wendy Law

Am intimate look into how surfing changes Sanu’s life, documenting the struggles and breakthroughs of becoming one of the first female Sri Lankan surfers. Along the South Coast of Sri Lanka, surfing is everywhere. Yet only foreigners and local men fill the lineups. Surfing is not seen as a sport for girls. This is a result of cultural and societal expectations that place women inside the household, particularly in rural areas. Young girls are expected to follow certain standards: be kind, look nice, and smile. Attend school, get married, and start a family. Be a housewife, cook, and clean. Most importantly, stay at home and put family first. Sanu must decide if she wants to continue a typical life as a housewife, or risk carving her own path as a surfer. This is a story of finding one’s voice in a sea of expectations.

Runtime: 13 minutes
Protagonist: Sanu
Director: Jordyn Romero

An anthemic celebration of the women you won’t see on TV: the women who won’t go on to the Olympics or break any world records, but who enjoy being physically active in their own individual way. Because girls who are physically active are more likely to succeed. And people are more likely to follow in the footsteps of people who look like them. Featuring a range of ages, bodies and backgrounds, this film embodies a wide spectrum that is often unseen in sport.

Runtime: 2 minutes 39 seconds
Director: Bronwyn Davies
Executive Producer: Mike Goldstein, Luc Doucet
Country: Canada

LIKE A GIRL Run Time 10:05
SKATE LIKE A GIRL Run Time 17:51

The winner of the Salomon and Suunto Film Grant Winner, Lauren Tischendorf shares a film about how she recently become the first woman to swim in a solo, single session, circumnavigating the 32 km’s around Lord Howe Island facing countless sharks, two hours of currents, 25-knot winds, and 2.5 meter swell, just a swim.

Runtime: 18 minutes
Protagonist: Lauren Tischendorf
Director: Lauren Tischendorf & Adam Dostalek
Country: Australia

Mountains tower above the plains and dominate the skyline. Critical to life – they fill our rivers, sway the weather, and provide sanctuary to incredibly diverse wildlife. They are as beautiful as they are dangerous – and for a brave few, they are the source of an incredible adventure. Follow Olympian Torah Bright as she journeys through the world’s longest chain of mountain ranges extending from Antarctica all the way to Alaska.
Runtime: 43 minutes
Protagonist: Torah Bright
Director: Caspar Mazzotti
Country: Antarctica, United States

Racing bikes can be competitive, but it’s nothing compared to a fierce rivalry between siblings. Racing lasts a day, weekend or season at most, while sibling rivalry lasts a lifetime. Rivalry ensures that no matter how hard you push it or what you achieve, there’s always somebody at the finish line with a scheme to one-up you and claim superiority. In a world of sibling rivalry, your time is never fast enough, nor will you ever air far enough. The goal is to remain friends at the end of the day, but even that isn’t a hard rule and exceptions are made when a win is on the line. Ryan and Becky Gardner are no strangers to some friendly competition, as their sibling rivalry pushes them to ride faster and achieve more both on and off the bike. No matter the sport or challenge, no one is safe when a full-on Gardner vs. Gardner competition unfolds.

Runtime: 4 minutes 30 secs



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August 21-27, 2023

Sidewalk Film Festival

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