A division of the Sidewalk Film Festival started in 2004, Sidewrite’s mission is to discover and reward talented screenwriters in Alabama and around the world. The screenplay competition aims to foster community amongst emerging writers and reinforce cinematic artistry locally. With categories for feature length screenplays, short screenplays, and Alabama screenplays, Sidewrite allows passionate writers to enhance their craft and receive recognition for their innovative and exciting scripts.

In addition to cash prizes, winners are offered table read opportunities during the festival weekend and are able to apply for travel assistance to attend. Winning scripts are announced approximately one month prior to the festival event date. Sidewalk also offers a screenplay category that provides feedback on any submitted screenplay.

Announcing the 2021 Sidewrite Screenplay competition finalists and winners!


Best Alabama Screenplay Winner:

“Perfect By Christmas” by Kimberly Soliman

Best Alabama Screenplay Finalists: 

“Elkhorn” by James Hadley Griffin

“Quarantine 1” by Miles Randall

“Carolina Cruel” by Brandon Sparks

“Sleepover” by Ann Kathleen Williams


Best Short Screenplay Winner:

“El Vals” by Alycya Magana

Best Short Screenplay Finalists:

“The Body of Chris” by Erin Brown Thomas

“Death is Only a Stranger Once” by Larry Collins

“Grip” by Madeline Mahoney

“First Days” by Jen Prince


Best Feature Screenplay Winners:

“Boundaries” by Asad Farooqui and “Our Brilliant Leaders by Brandon Garner

Best Feature Screenplay Finalists:

“Full Court Bonsai” by Andrew Benedict

“Hysteria” by Jenna Payne

“The Last Stage, or Wyatt Earp’s Dying Dream” by Bruce Scivally

“He Hangs Brightly” by Daniel Talbott


You can hear these scripts (full short scripts, just selected scenes from features) at the Sidewrite table read at this year’s festival. Table reads (and our other panels) are free and open to everyone.


2020 winners:

Best Alabama Screenplay: “The Sympathetic Martian” by Scott Turner and Jim Torres
Best Short Screenplay: “Lab Partners” by Tommy Britt
Best Feature Screenplay: “Riding Shotgun” by Nafi Ayvaci

2019 winners:

Best Alabama Screenplay: “The Last American Lynching” written by T Gordon Stanley & Jeremy J Ford
Best Short Screenplay: “Found Objects” written by Amy Bond
Best Feature Screenplay: “Daughters Lost in the Desert” written by A.M. Sanchez

2018 winners:

Best Alabama Screenplay: “June Block Hero” written by Seth Kozak
Best Short Screenplay: “Cherry Glazed” written by Christine Sherwood
Best Feature Screenplay: “Indian Country” written by Troy Kelly

2015 Finalists:

Alabama Screenplays:
“Our Dirty Laundry” by Kimberly Tompkins
“Sabrina” by Ann Kathleen Williams
“Welcome Back” by Elizabeth Hagale
Honorable Mention: “Survive the Summer” by Ian Cunningham

International Screenplays:
“1999” by Anthony Fernandez
“A Good Day’s Work” by Jess McCallum
“Migration” by Elyse Endick

2009 Winners:

Grand Prize: “Lost in Transmission” written by Stacey Davis

Production Prize: “The Burden” written by Bill Barnett


2008 Winners:

Grand Prize: “A Good Man” written by Stacey Davis

Production Prize: “Love in the Grocery Store” by Tam Le


2007 Winners:

Grand Prize: “Self-Addressed” written by James Pihakis

Production Prize: “Face Value” written by Julie Pritt


2006 Winners:

Grand Prize: “When Standish Met Standoffish” – Daniel Ryan O’Donnell

Production Prize: “Pineville” written by David A. Smith


2005 Winners:

Grand Prize: “Muckfuppet” written by Ken McCracken

Production Prize: “Waiting” written by Mary Cathryn Wendt


2004 Winners:

Grand Prize: “Red, Ed, Betty & the Discovery Channel” written by Andrew Wells

Production Prize: “Sewing a River” by J.M. Pritt

August 22-28, 2022

Sidewalk Film Festival

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