Sidewalk Salon is a FREE monthly networking and educational event aimed at filmmakers and film fans alike. Join us the 1st Tuesday of each month (with a few exceptions, like our Oscars viewing party) to meet new people and learn something new

Networking starts at 6 and the presentation starts at 7.

Do you have an upcoming project you’d like announced at the next Sidewalk Salon? Need some help or want to offer to help someone else? Perhaps you’ve just moved to town and want to let folks know you’re here. We open the floor for announcements at the beginning of each Salon, so just raise your hand!

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January 7 – Contract Boilerplate w/ Stacey Davis

February 4 – Editing w/ Joe Walker

March 3 – VFX w/ Joe Walker

April 7 – Sewing for costumes w/ Tai Hicks

Past Salons:

Storyboarding – with Andy Gray

BirmingScam: How to Avoid Scams in the Film Industry with Meg Deusner

PowerPoint Party!

Costume Design – with Carron Clark

Music Video FAQ

Holiday Movie Trivia

Alternative Filmmaking Techniques (AR, VR, & 360 degree video) – with Forrest Satterfield

The South in Film – with Teddy Champion

Activism and Filmmaking – with Ava Lowrey

International Film Sales – with Colby Leopard

Casting Ethics – with Virginia Newcomb and Meg Deusner

Location Scouting Рwith Chris Olney, Buddy Palmer, and Greg Womble

Music in Film – with Kyle McKinnon, Lane McGiboney, and Ted Speaker

Oscars Mayhem (bar-style Oscars-themed trivia)

Spielberg 101 – with Robert Corna

How I Sold My Film – with Bradford Thomason (A Life in Waves) and Jay Burleson (The Nobodies)

Summer Blockbuster Breakdown – with Edward Bowser, Corey Craft, Ben Flanagan, and Matt Scalici

Cinematography Roundtable – with David Brower and Joe Walker

Adapting for the Screen – with Dan Goforth

A Guide to Festival Submission – with Sidewalk Programmers Rachel Morgan and Kyle McKinnon

Alabama State Council on the Arts Grant Overview – with Elliot Knight

Meet the Animators Рwith Ali Clark (A Life in Waves) and Chris Garrison (Cartoon Network, Sesame Street, Nickelodeon)

Post-Grad Survival Guide – with Adam Schwartz and Robert Corna

Festival 101 for Filmmakers

…and many, many more!